Why should Poland ever support Ukraine?

ASK: Hiya Mr. Armstrong.
I am from Poland and I do know the historical past and our variations with Russia, however on this struggle I am in opposition to Ukraine. They do not even wish to apologize for atrocities in opposition to civilians, they need us to assist them. Western Ukraine has all the time been Polish, however in our eyes it’s now not ours as a result of everybody there was killed or ran away. Donbass is completely different as a result of the inhabitants continues to be Russian.

3 times a spell. After writing about Napoleon and Hitler making an attempt to invade Russia I’m wondering if you understand the yr 1610 when Poland conquered Moscow and naturally if Socrates contains that date.
Thanks for what you do.

ANSWER: Oh yeah. Even the primary date within the listing of worldwide panics was 1683, when the Turks invaded the area to overcome the Holy Roman Empire. What we now name Ukraine was the territory of different empires – by no means Ukraine. the Battle of Poltava June 27, 1709 was a turning level in Russian historical past.

This was a combat the place Peter the Nice (1672-1725) and the Russians defeated the Swedish military at a turning level within the struggle with Sweden. Poltava is definitely in Ukraine, and Ivan Mazepa (1639–1709) was the Cossack hetman in Left Financial institution Ukraine from 1687–1708. To this present day he’s a Ukrainian hero and a traitor to Russia. This was the decisive battle that introduced Russia to the European political stage as an important energy.

1569, the Union of Lublin created a dynamic connection between Poland and Lithuania that established a constitutional union of the 2 states because the one Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. Ukraine simply turned a part of Poland at the moment and we’re seeing an inflow of extra folks from Poland shifting to Ukraine to ascertain Polish rule of legislation. Poland started granting territories managed by the Cossacks to Polish nobles and royal Ukrainian princes. Rising dissatisfaction with the therapy by the Cossacks led to an rebellion round 1590. The Ukrainian princes had been largely changed by Polish ones. The peasants misplaced their land tenure and civil rights to the Poles, and we see European serfdom reworking Ukraine.

Ukrainian Cossacks truly acted as defenders in opposition to the invading hordes of Turks and Tatars. Thus far, Crimea has a big inhabitants of Tatars. The Cossacks prompted diplomatic issues for Poland, because the Turks within the Ottoman Empire used the Cossacks as a pretext for wars in opposition to Poland. When Cossack chief Ivan Pidkova conquered Moldova in 1577, he was captured and executed by Poles to appease the Turks. Poland’s energy was clearly declining. They tried to manage the Cossacks by recruiting a few of them into the Polish navy system. Nevertheless, that by no means actually labored effectively.

Ukraine was NEVER a rustic – JE! They joined the German Nazis as a result of Hitler promised to carve a rustic for them. I’ve compiled the whole financial historical past of the world. There have been NEVER all cash ever issued by a faux Ukrainian authorities. The primary coinage to ever include the phrase Ukrain was issued in the course of the German Nazi occupation.

This struggle in Ukraine is an invasion of Ukrainians into the territories that was once a part of the Russian Empire. They had been by no means underneath Ukrainian sovereignty, which by no means existed. The West merely desires to destroy Russia. This has been the order of the day for many years, and the autumn of communism has by no means modified that coverage. They are going to do the identical with China. In fact, Ukrainians are ambushing Russian terrorism the place Russians have lived for hundreds of years. The propaganda utterly turned this round and claimed that Putin would invade the Ukrainians after they began this civil struggle and launched the primary assaults on the Donbass in 2014.

The therapy of Poles, Jews and Russians throughout World Conflict II appalled even the German Nazis. What Poland would ever help Ukraine can solely be for its leaders to be instructed what to say and do by these behind NATO, which is in search of World Conflict III. The Polish folks ought to get up as a result of they would be the subsequent to be thrown onto this altar of geopolitical sacrifices.

the Polish affiliation commemorating the victims of crimes dedicated by Ukrainian nationalists documented 135 techniques of torture and homicide practiced by Ukrainian Nazis. Poland has formally known as the Ukrainian actions genocide. Ukrainians have been protected by the CIA for many years JUST as a result of they hated the Russians. They proceed to guard the Ukrainian Nazis solely as a result of they’re at struggle with Russia. No Ukrainian has ever been charged with struggle crimes that made the Nazis appear to be amateurs.

The Ukrainians had been unprecedented of their struggle crimes throughout World Conflict II and the sheer cruelty added NEVER been addressed. Above all, they need to have been hunted down greater than the Germans. The torture that Ukrainas inflicted even on Poland and Hungary together with Russians and Jews included:

  • Operating by way of youngsters with stakes
  • Slit an individual’s throat and pull their tongue out by way of the outlet
  • Noticed an individual’s torso in half with a carpenter’s noticed
  • Slicing open the stomach of a girl in a sophisticated stage of being pregnant, eradicating the fetus and changing it with a stay cat earlier than her stomach is sewn up.
  • Lower open the stomach of a pregnant lady and pour damaged glass inside
  • Nailing a small youngster to a door.

All of the completely different wars and historical past of this area are included in Socrates’ databases. On this means, she was in a position to establish Ukraine as the point of interest the place all this may unfold. There isn’t any report of struggle crimes JE surpassed these inflicted by Ukrainians. It’s embarrassing that Europe and the US are supporting Ukraine on this land seize. As for these blaming Putin, get your head out of the sand and open your eyes as a result of you’re a sufferer of this WWIII selling propaganda.