Western nations show little to no “interest” in ending the war in Ukraine

Sky Information presenter Cory Bernardi says there’s a rising proxy battle in Ukraine between Western nations and their “everlasting adversary” Russia as they seem to have “no curiosity” in ending the battle.

“There’s a rising consciousness that the proxy battle in Ukraine is being fueled by pursuits which can be frankly extra desirous about destroying Russia than in saving Ukraine,” Bernardi mentioned.

“Extra persons are seeing that this battle successfully started with a US-backed coup in 2014 that changed the Ukrainian authorities. Since then, ethnic Russians have been focused by neo-Nazi teams working underneath Ukrainian authorities sanctions.

“In a 2014 media report, a member of the infamous Azov battalion claimed that the Nazis had been blissful to struggle Russia as a result of the listing of atrocities within the civil battle, quote ‘Putin is a Jew’, was appalling, and that does not imply that it was solely going in a single path, it definitely wasn’t, a battle wants two sides to struggle.

“There’s additionally the difficulty of NATO’s relentless advance in direction of the Russian border, about which Russians have expressed an excessive amount of concern for a really very long time – a non-negotiable pillar of Russian nationwide safety has been that Ukraine ought to stay a impartial nation, and but each President Zelenskyy and US Vice President Kamala Harris supported Ukraine’s NATO membership.

“It was like a pink rag for the bull and the bull dashing troops throughout the border and into the present dispute that we’ve got – I’ve by no means believed the narrative that Russia desires to beat Europe, or that Putin is a nasty man – throughout The West appears blissful to perpetuate this battle, throwing navy arms, ammunition and ordinances at Ukraine. In addition they deny that this can be a proxy battle between US neoconservatives and have by no means let go of their aggressive international coverage in opposition to their perennial adversary, Russia, within the Chilly Warfare.

“Many western leaders, significantly the US and UK, present little interest in ending this battle.”