Scientists Conduct Huge Survey of Milky Way

Astronomers have launched a large survey of the Milky Approach’s galactic airplane, containing a staggering 3.32 billion celestial objects – arguably the most important such catalog but. The information for this unprecedented survey was acquired with the Darkish Power Digital camera at NSF’s Cerro Tololo Inter-American Observatory in Chile. The Milky Approach incorporates a whole lot of billions of stars, star-forming areas, and darkish clouds of mud and gasoline. Amassing these objects for research is a mammoth activity that took two years and yielded greater than 10 terabytes of knowledge from 21,400 particular person photographs. Many of the stars and mud within the Milky Approach are in its disk — the intense band that stretches throughout this picture — the place the spiral arms lie. Whereas this abundance of stars and mud makes for stunning photographs like these, it additionally makes observing the galactic airplane troublesome. Edward Schlafly, a researcher on the AURA-managed House Telescope Science Institute, says: “This new survey permits us to map the three-dimensional construction of the Milky Approach’s stars and mud in unprecedented element.”