Spanish archaeologists uncover mummies of Egyptian crocodiles

Archaeologists from the Royal Belgian Institute of Pure Sciences have been in a position to study the mummies. Archaeozoologist Bea De Cupere (RBINS) defined that the traditional Egyptians sacrificed crocodiles to their god Sobek throughout rituals. In 2019, archaeologists from Jaén College uncovered a tomb containing crocodile mummies in Qubbat al-Hawa, a web site close to town of Aswan in southern Egypt. The small rock tomb contained 5 skeletons and 5 skulls of enormous crocodiles. It lies subsequent to 6 different graves the place dignitaries of the area have been buried. The crocodiles all date from the pre-Ptolemaic interval earlier than 304 BC. The mummified lizards could have been utilized in rituals for the Egyptian god Sobek, the god of water and fertility, who is usually depicted with a crocodile head. Kom Ombo, simply 50 kilometers away, was an vital heart of crocodile worship. The smallest crocodile is 1.8 meters lengthy, the biggest 3.5 meters. They belong to 2 completely different species: the Nile crocodile and the West African crocodile. Remarkably, three skeletons have been nearly full, whereas the opposite two have been lacking some elements. In actual fact, one crocodile was so properly preserved that its abdomen stones have been nonetheless there. The examine seems within the journal PLOS ONE.