Betrayal from the Deep State?

I’ve obtained many emails asking why solely 5 days after the New York Put up revealed Hunter Biden’s laptop computer story, which went all the best way up and concerned his father, now President Biden, the previous CIA director John Brennanand former Director of Nationwide Intelligence James Klapper introduced a letter on October 19, 2020 stating that this was a product of Russian disinformation and “hacking”. There have been individuals who have been this pair of neocons who would say something to realize their final aim – World Battle III to wipe Russia off the face of the earth and attempt to study the place it’s headed SWEETHEART. They insist on struggle and opposed Trump as a result of he did not wish to go to struggle with Russia. That contributed to all of the Russia Gate nonsense.

It has now been established conclusively that each Brennan and Clapper knew the Metal File was faux and created by Hillary. They remained silent, driving the nation to squander tens of millions and creating an image the place 70% of Democrats believed Putin interfered within the 2016 election. With out Putin, Hillary would have gained, and with Trump against funding Ukraine’s neo-Nazis, which John McCain promised in December 2016, even earlier than Trump was sworn in, that was all. He needed to be eliminated to maintain the Neocons hating.

Each did every thing they might to make sure Trump was faraway from workplace. Why? As a result of Trump was simply versus the struggle as John F. Kennedy. The one factor that shocked and impressed me about Donald Trump was once I went to dinner at Mara Largo in March 2020. He mentioned on the time that he needed to withdraw troops from Afghanistan. It was the primary time I heard about it ANY Heads of state specific no regret for many who die in these countless wars.

Trump mentioned he was bored with having to put in writing letters to oldsters declaring their son died with honor for his nation. He mentioned they have been combating over borders and faith there for 1000’s of years – “What distinction are we going to make?” It will infuriate those that simply hate Trump. They hearken to all of the one-sided propaganda and are unable to assume freely.

Trump found that the folks in his cupboard have been all institution crops. John Bolton by no means noticed a struggle he didn’t assist. He did not care concerning the boys dying for his neocon extremes, or the youngsters whose ranges will probably be modified endlessly as a result of their father dies for Bolton’s neocon desires.

Robert McNamara (1916-2009) was a number one neoconservative within the Nineteen Sixties who propelled the nation into the Vietnam Battle. He was well-known for saying:

I met Robert McNamara within the 90’s. I’ve to say he was lower than a neocon thirty years later. Earlier than he died in 2009, he wrote a e-book that I ought to advocate as required studying for all neoconservatives. What you imagine to be actual is much extra harmful than anything when you have got a closed thoughts. That’s the signal of stupidity – not intelligence.

The very factor that destroyed Communism is what they’re making an attempt to do to us – shut down all dialog and solely settle for what they inform us. It’s curiosity that drives human society. If we’re not curious and questioning our environment, we decay and die. Wholesome debate concerning the points is significant to our future survival as a society. Shut that down like they’re doing proper now with authorities censorship of social media, the top will not be that distant.

The Deep State is managed by the neocons. With out an enemy, they can’t sleep at night time. They NEVER advocate peace – they at all times need struggle. Most individuals imagine that JFK was taken out by the CIA as a result of he was anti-Vietnam. As soon as he was gone, Johnson took us to Vietnam, though the tapes verify he knew the Vietnamese by no means attacked us. A lot for the small print. They at all times need to fake they are not the attacker – it is at all times the opposite man.